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Jan 25

5 months of stuff to say in one post!

Good morning everyone! Before I start my many discussion whilst typing this on my way to uni, I need to apologise once again. Since starting uni my blog has kind of died due to me not having time to update this. However, I feel that do much has happened that I want to tell you about, thus the mini revival! Hope everyone is well and has a brilliant day today!

So firstly, I’ll start off with kings. Well how can I start, I am once again in love! (But this time I see a connection) after half a term of trying to settle in, I enjoy my course, enjoy my social life (which I will discuss later) and the people (well some) are brilliant! My main concern was that because Kings was my insurance choice I felt that at the time I wouldn’t give it a fair chance. I’m so happy I did. The thing that I enjoy about kings is the location. Because it’s right in the centre of everything, there is something for me to do every day. Whether it’s going ice skating or going to the theatre (which the first thing
I mentioned, although painful was a lot of fun!). As well as that, being in London means that I have friends scattered all around, whether it’s talking about stars with UCL people or having coffee with my friend from LSE. There have been do many advantages staying in London for university. Although I still do live at one and intend to move out, I am still having a brilliant time!

However there was a brilliant thing about going to Kings over Cambridge. As some of you know, I enjoy learning about space/stars/planets :D however, if I had gone to Cambridge I would have to wait 2 years before I would be allowed to do any. But know at Kings I am now doing the astrophysics course which would mean that my astrophysics dream is looking more realistic and I will make sure that I make the most of it (although I should change the name of my blog to astrophysics dreamer :moon:). Although my lecturer is quite scary and the day I have lectures my day is completely full, I am still loving the course and find it so interesting (and on my course I have to do a presentation and will probably link astrophysics to one of my modules so I don’t get bored :p).

So that’s about the course. So now social life. My main society is ‘Kings Musical Theatre’ which although it’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of fun and my fast mates some of them have been my best friends. So we are in this process of working on a production called “Hot Mikado” which is different to the stuff I’ve worked on but the new material is quite enjoyable! And next year I might be co directing “Oklahoma!” which I am looking forward to, and since this will be my first big project it will hopefully prepare me to direct (fingers crossed) a production called “Company” which is a brilliant production and would love the opportunity to work on. But only time will tell (and speaking on the topic of Sondheim I got tickets for the premiere of the West End revival of “Sweeney Todd” exciting :woo:)

And finally about myself. As some of you know who I am on TSR, I was so shocked and happy widen I found out about me winning second place for best male 2011. For everyone who voted me, thank you again for allowing me to win this and hopefully I’ll win the same title next year :woo: However, this week has not gone brilliantly for me. As well as filing for complaint with the clothing store Gap (I’ll not discuss here) quite a few of my course companions have been talking about me behind my back assuming that I was gay (which isn’t the case) and the thing that pissed me off and upset me is that they couldn’t just have the balls to ask me. This felt like school all over again and again showed me people are not nice! This along with different scenarios had started to bring back the paranoia that I thought I escaped since I felt I was the topic of discussion for a lot of cliquey groups. This idea made me scared to not only do my presentation, but do this co-directing as I felt that people’s thoughts on me would mean my ideas as opinions would be dismissed/not respected/not taken serious. I’ve taken a different approach. After playing 3 hours of Zelda yesterday, which was fun, unwinded my thoughts and dropped my stress level I said that I am going to go through each day not giving a fuck of what people think of me (best advice my friend gave me). If people want to have their views on me so be it. And I will make sure that my level of self esteem and confidence in myself will be much higher then it currently is. I WILL have a good day todsy! And I will give a blog entry this week about some interesting mathematical/physics context. I’m also waiting to hear back from a job interview that would mean I would work in the States so I’ll yet you know about the outcome for that. But for now, I have a lecturer on probability and statistics, still determined to get a bloody good first in my degree and seeing footloose this evening which is a production at my uni and looks so good so cannot wait to see the final product! And now I will finish this really long post an wish all of you a brilliant day! Goodbye! :D

Sep 18

The lone wolf would like some company

Good day everyone! As you have probably realised, the cause of me not doing no maths all summer has meant that I have been doing posts which are becoming more non-mathematical related :p however let me reassure you that this will be the last of these types of posts for a long time, as I officially start kings in just over a week (and updating this post whilst coming from a treasure hunt at kings :D)

Alot of recent social events have given me the title of the “lone wolf”. The reason being is because I have this massive tendency to meet up with friends and go out, then go off by myself and do a lot of things by myself which would mean that I:

1. Meet new and interesting people
2. Form new social links
3. Have new and interesting stories to tell

I think they in life, because I have taken this approach to everything, it means that although I will be a bit sad if a group of friends don’t include me in socials or ditch me all together, I won’t be bothered as I would have formed another group of friends that I could go to if anything, thus fulfilling my title as a “lone wolf”

However I now have a problem. This year has marked the 5th year where I have officially been single! Which for the most years hasn’t actually bothered me. And I thought for the better part of today it still didn’t. Going to all these recent socials have made me think how would having that form of “company” feel again? And sometimes the “lone wolf” does actually feel lonely . Which is why starting Uni, I will use this time to actually hopefully find me a companion that would join me as I carry on my quest as being the “lone wolf” soon to be “the lone wolf and companion”

Take care everyone!

Aug 30

The ending of Summer :(

Hello everyone

So you probably are all wondering what is the picture I previously posted up before I did this post. For the first time, I went to a festival. Not just any festival; Reading Festival :D Which I have to admit, although I am suffering a 5 day hangover, feeling shitty and got a bruise on my chest, it was overall an awesome experience :D The music was good, the booze and jokes were brilliant and I actually loved all the craziness that was going on! I am actually planning to go next year, and seeing as I have experienced it for myself I now know some do’s and don’ts that I will make sure I follow next year :)

So I can now give you an update on my uni situation. I got my STEP grades, and sadly only got 3, 3 meaning that Emmanuel College had to say no. However, it was really weird. They told me on results day that they actually tried to save me but they kept getting a bad response as apparently I was really good at interview :D But they don’t want me to reapply next year. They want me to go to KCL and reapply to postgrad, as they want to take me for post grad study should I meet the requirements! So I was happy that I Cambridge really liked me :) But after going to Reading and realising that I am a really fun person to be around especially while drinking, I think going to Kings means that I can be a party animal and still get a first at the end (providing I do the work!) So that is my new aim. Apply to Cambridge for postgrad :D

But I am really sad currently; summer is coming to a close. I have realised that it is nearly a year I have been blogging and this is probably one of the best things I have done :D I will more likely keep doing this and talk about interesting maths that I have discovered during uni. Bye! :D

Aug 30
Me as black Harry Potter :p

Me as black Harry Potter :p

Aug 17


I think for this post, it’s one of thoses ones that I didn’t have a suitable name for it for 2 reasons: 1. I am actually not going to talk about maths that much and 2. My future has been determined and I will found out my fate tomorrow

So as most of you know, it is A level results day, where once again we will have either alot of happiness or saddness ie a bunch of mixed emotions. And I hope for the sake of exam boards, the results reflect the hard work that people have put in and that the rediculous grade boundaries does not necessarily mean that people missed their offers by one grade. As much as I hope that I am happy tomorrow and that I get my grades, I have come to a couple of conclusions for myself:

1. It’s not the end of the world should I miss my offer, but can be a significant life changer

2. If anything reapply next year

3. King’s is still a good uni and should I get a first I can reapply to cambridge for Postgrad :D

So as you can see I am trying to take a rational but optimistic view to results day and my future, as I realised that there is no point panicking now :p But there is is article that I was reading yesterday and I thought I should post it:

And when I was reading this, it is actually so true so advice is to avoid any media for the next couple of days :)

But I think I will end my post here. So for all my followers (thank you :’) ) I wish everybody the best of luck for tomorrow and hope that everything works out :D

Jul 31

Summer, Ghana and of course Maths :D

Hello everyone!!!

Before I start this post again, I need to apologise for not updating for such a long time! I ended up being extremely busy these past 2 months, starting from exams which proved to be more stressful than usual, to then going to Ghana and Amsterdam for holiday this year :D But I have so much to tell you, and I feel that I have got time to sit down properly and talk about everything I want to properly :D

Firstly, I will get the topic of exams out of the way. As with most people, you have exams which you know you have down really well and others which after taking them you want to crawl under a log :( I was hoping that this would have not occurred for me, as I wanted to feel that after doing my exams I have a decent chance of making my Cambridge offer. I started on a really high start and I decided to retake unit 1 physics (for more UMS really) and that was a really good exam :D So me being me and thinking really positive, I was hoping that this high would have carried on throughout exam season (after 2 whole months of preparation which involved all-nighters, caffeine tablets and feeling like a zombie I did feel like I deserved for all my exams to go really well). Sadly, this was not the case as from that exam, everything went downhill from there. Really my biggest shock to the system was STEP. I had done questions and practice papers since I received my offer and I felt that I was prepared for anything. This was not what happened in real terms. When I saw the STEP II paper, I was like “Oh dear” However, getting through the paper further I ended up enjoying doing it, although I did wish that I was able to complete some solutions that I started only for time to by working against me. STEP III for me was a bitch, as I ended up panicking which resulted in me struggling. However, I didn’t have an epic fail as I was able to complete one full solution and a lot of part solutions so hopefully I have made the grade for that. Overall, STEP for everybody was not nice so it will be interesting when the results come out and when we see how people across the world ended up scoring. But there was a bright side to my exams this year, I feel that I have done really well in physics so hopefully A/A* :D But with results day being in about 2 and a half weeks, I have been panicking a bit but told myself that whatever happens, happens so I just hope that it will be a good day :) I really want to go to Emma!!!!

Moving from exams, I then went on my first holiday abroad to Ghana!! And I have to say, considering that I had a lot of misconceptions about the place, I had a brilliant time. There is one thing that I think I rather to Africa as opposed to the UK and European culture, I was opened with welcome arms even to complete strangers :p And it made me feel welcome into the country and into the family who most of them I have never seem before :D From being proper touristy, to actually going to more parties then the amount of fingers on my hand, I would defiantly go back when I have a chance to :) There is one thing that I won’t miss about the country though, and that is the mosquitos :p

While out there at the local museum, I ended up discovering a game that I played many years ago but thought I should get again; Oware.

The purpose of the game is simple; obtain the most amount of seeds at the end of the game. Most people who play it I found didn’t have a specific strategy but played it with the idea of chance. But looking into it a bit more, there is a lot of mathematics behind it, and I thought I would look into this a bit more. But oddly I ended going off on a bit of a tangent and I realised that it was something that I didn’t think about until getting the game. So we all know that we can create a general formula for the summation of all natural integers where we would start from the number 1. However, what got me thinking is there a general summation formula for all the triangle numbers (1, 3, 6, 10 etc.)? This I called pyramid numbers which made me think “Why didn’t I think of this before” So I spent my afternoon whilst in Ghana exploring this concept, asking myself questions such as “what general pattern I could see?”, “are there any strange but excited relationships?” After I decided to Google it, seeing if there are any links to what I had been observing (if you would like to call it that :p) It turns out the formula is this:

Which when I saw, cogs started working in my brain even more! I was like this is such a nice result for if you would like to call it, an awkward set of numbers. But it did make me tell myself that I am happy that I am doing a maths degree.

So me being me, I have to make sure that my maths never gets rusty!! So as well as doing prepacks set by different unis, I am reading this:

Now this is the first that I am reading a book written by Ian Stewart and although I don’t understand some of it (for example group theory) I am really enjoying it! Once I have finished it completely, I will do another blog entry about the book, so watch this space :p

In terms of non-mathematical things that I am currently doing, I am in the middle of completing Legend of Zelda twilight princess which is a brilliant game so once again well done Nintendo! I am also preparing for reading festival which is my first festival that I have ever been too, so really excited about that :D I also turned 18 the Friday that has just passed, so I can now go into a pub without being kicked out :p But the idea of uni is really exciting and I am really looking forward to it :D

And that brings me to the end of my entry (which is like 4 entries merged into 1 :p ) But I will try to update before I am off to Reading, so that I can tell you my updates including my book entry. So until again goodbye!! And I will end off with a joke that my friend wrote to me for my 18th:

Question: What is the difference between a PhD in mathematics and a large Pizza?

Answer: A large pizza can feed a family of four!!!!

Cya everyone :D

Jun 10

The one thing not to do when you have exams … PANIC!!

London weather, one of the many things which I have added to my list of things that is not helping the stress that I am currently under. Its been raining for the past 2 days and strangly the weather can have a big impact on how I study and think :( Yes sadly that time has come; exam period :o

For the past 2 weeks, I have been in a state where I feel that I know absolutely nothing :( although not entirely true, the fact that it is the last chance that I have with these exams makes this whole period more scary then usual. I have M2 on Monday and I still don’t fully understand work and energy, then after my next exam is STEP II

It’s really weird, when I got my offer from Emmanuel college in January, I honestly felt that after looking at STEP papers I was not even going to make my offer. 6 months later and I am actually looking forward to the process :D I have felt that during this process I am truly develop mathematician :) although there was something annoying about my exams this year, in the sense that i finish my exams after all my friends, due to physics unit 5 :@ however, looking forward to my really long holiday though :)

So now it’s the final countdown, and hopefully I will succeed :D I will leave it there for now, so until then goodbye

May 24
This is what I am wearing, first time I wore a suit the whole year :)

This is what I am wearing, first time I wore a suit the whole year :)

May 24


So today I am doing my second post where the main content will be prodominately non mathematical!

On the coach now to what is the final big event for my 7 yeara being at my school. Strangly I am looking forward to it even though i was in two minds about going … However, hoping to have a good time :D

On another note, did my physics unit 1 retake today and i felt that it went really well :D so hoping that on results day, I get that A!!!

Anyways, gone so will tell you how it goes!

May 21

Exam season has finally approached :o

Hello everyone :D

There is a problem about London in general; when something is really good something always has to spoil it :@ For the past few days, the weather has been really good in London :) the mood has been really positive, people are happy and I should feel like there is nothing to worry about. But sadly yes, I am stuck in exam season, taking my final set of A Level exams starting with Physics Unit 1. Although I feel happy that this is the final set, it is also daunting to know that to an extent, this is it. But fingers crossed, it will all pay off and I will get my grades though :D

It feels so strange that I am actually in the process of finishing college and going off to uni! It felt like the other day that I remember starting year 7, and and now I an coming out the other end. But it has been worth it, even though it has had its ups and downs.

After wanting it so badly, I finally got an iPhone 4, which I am using write now to blog on the tube (I am above ground BTW :P) literally it has changed the way how i think about phones though :D On top of that, I was able to get a ticket to go reading festival :D so now have something to look towards after exams :D

So that is my very brief update (and strangely not that much maths :o) but just to wish everyone good luck for forthcoming exams :D cya!!